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Business & Residential Decorating Contest

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Residential & Business Contest Rules:

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Registration Application:

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Here is a list for the public that wants to see the Houses in the Halloween Spooktacular light show!

These are our competitors:

1) 306 Henry St

2) 137 Washington Ave

3) 104 Edgar St

4) 10098 North St

5) 318 Lincoln Ave

6) 339 Lincoln Ave

7) 732 Lincoln Ave

8 ) 9740 N Greenville Rd

9) 9950 N Greenville Rd

10) 810 Washington Ave

11) 802 Washington Ave

12) 316 Washington Ave

13) 219 Washington Ave

Look for these cute signs in the competitors yards and businesses windows!

Should be a fun of Judging! Remember we announce the winner Friday night at McKenna’s Village Restaurant! See everyone there!!

Halloween Yard Signs.jpg
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